Humboldt Foundation’s Fellowship Opportunity for NGO Leaders in Developing Countries

Humboldt Foundation’s Fellowship Opportunity for NGO Leaders in Developing Countries
Deadline: 15 March 2014
Developing Countries
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s ICP Fellowships provide fellowship opportunities for developing country NGO leaders (and others) who are engaged in the field of…[more]

African Women’s Development Fund
Since the start of operations in 2001, AWDF has provided US$17 million in grants to 800 women’s organizations in 42 African countries. AWDF’s grant making processes are uniquely designed to meet the needs of African women and include the provision of small grants…[more]

Top 10 Largest Donors of Foreign Aid in the World
In 2012 western countries continued to be the biggest suppliers of Foreign Aid, with the United States providing nearly double the investment than the next largest donor…[more]

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Where can NGOs get Donations of Books, Computers and Vehicles
Are there organizations that actively help NGOs to get donations of books, computers and vehicles? Yes! From International Book Bank to Computer Aid International to Transport Aid, there are agencies that mobilize non-financial donations such as books, computers and vehicles and transfer them to NGOs in developing countries for helping them improve their services and build their long-term sustainability. So which are these agencies?…[more]

Top Ten Wealthiest European Foundations
This is a guide that lists the top ten European Foundations.These foundations are ranked based on the size of the Foundation’s total endowment, or invested donations, that are available for charitable purposes…[more]

The Top Ten US Charitable Foundations
Private Foundations have been long term supporters of funding to charitable organisations around the world. In 2013, their strength is being felt more than ever as for the first time private foundations have overtaken many of the world’s governments and aid bodies as the biggest donors to the non profit sector…[more]